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Full Version: I changed a Forum to a Category now the link is broken
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Hey guys,

Im not sure where it broke, but now when i click some category links. i get a 404 error.
I have also just upgraded my site from 1.6.8 to 1.8.6 - maybe the links also broke during the upgrade.

even-so, how can I fix the links?

when I go into Admin CP and see the link, like so:

it doesn't correlate with this link which is generate in my forumĀ - which gives me a 404 error:

I am using also theĀ 1point8 theme if that makes a difference?

thanks in advance.
what is your forum URL ?
turn on development mode at cloudflare site and check again
also rocket loader needs to be disabled at the cloudflare site

I just changed the cloud flare settings, but don't see a difference.
is there something i should look out for

thinking i may have messed up a template file somewhere, I also tried the default theme, and it has the same problem.
have you used forum management at admin panel for changing the forum type ?
Yeah that's exactly what I did. I changed what were firums into categories.(from Admin CP)
^ would you like to PM me temporary access to forum admin panel to check
that'd be great. I just PM'd you
mistake found at forum link (in forum settings) and rectified for above referred category.
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