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Full Version: HTML mail
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Hi guys,
I've tryed to send an HTML mass mail but the result isn't as hoped.

With a normal PHP mail it show like this:

[Image: sbHgdwhYXJG8yAPL-Area.png]

With MyBB mass mail it show like this:

[Image: prBRLdmZQqqr0uCe-Area.png]

How to solve this problem?

I've tryed with 2 differents codes but they didn't work.
Use inline CSS? Upload CSS on Your server and link to your Mail HTML
I'm using inline css and this isn't the problem.
The problem is that mybb mass mail adds a lot of <br> elements to my mail.
I don't know why....
Are you using a mac?
No. Sad

If I minimize HTML it works, why it replace \n with <br>?