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Full Version: Osmium - Free Flat MyBB Theme
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[Image: preview_105204_1457959143_3131b1d00bcc0a...2f1ba3.jpg]

[Image: 80cdbbd45c38bc3beed0db6c44dbd2aa.png]

Not much to really say about the theme. It's basic, attractive, and functional. It's my first theme submitted to the mod site. More themes to come very soon. Smile

- No images used
- Icons by Font Awesome
- Google Fonts
- Easy to read light minimalistic design
- Dropdown user panel

MyBB Mod Site
looks simple and yes,"atractive"

good work Wink
It looks great!! Big Grin
10/10, congrats and keep the good work! MyBB needs more developers D:
Neat, clean theme. Thanks for sharing.
Wonderful theme that would look even more amazing, dark.
Good release.
Looks neat. Great work!
No images? Wow
Thanks everyone! Ive been designing MyBB themes for years but recently decided to start releasing free themes. Be on the lookout for more. Smile
Can you add some more screenshots? Thanks Toungue Btw nice theme 10/10
More screenshots are coming. Planning on submitting an update to the theme today. Smile


Theme updated.

- Another preview added ( more will come with more updates )
- Better description added to download page
- Board stats / footer updated
- Removed some useless template variables that were mucking things about.

Download Osmium

Also, be on the look out for "Selenium", Osmium's darker counterpart. Smile
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