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Full Version: ThunderBoard – Light-speed page loads for MyBB
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Thank you!
Do you have to register in order to download the package ?
Yes, you do need to register.
with thunderboard.php in the plugins folder it stops the plugin list loading for me for some reason
I installed this quickly on my test database, only activated it without any other changes to templates: 


[Image: a12.jpg]


[Image: a22.jpg]
I will investigate both issues for sure.
Images and avatars don't load, i suspect because the site is running in https. Is there anywhere you need to make changes for a site running in https?
You can disable the image lazy loader in the plugin's settings. This seems like a JS issue which prevents the image loader to execute. Sent you a PM for a temporary access account.
That sounds and it is indeed awesome , can't wait for the official release ,
Thanks to @Ashley1, several critical bugs have been fixed and the plugin should be more stable by now. Given the bugfixes are critical BUT not many code changes have been made, there's not a version change.
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