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Full Version: Image verification not showing and loading slowly
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Hi, i have some problem in my new forum. Why image verification not showing and loading slowly.
I tried clear my browser, cek the gd file and my internet connection but still not showing.
my url:
Usually when it doesn't load it's down to PHPGD not being installed/enabled. Check your error logs.

There's also this: Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 404 (Not Found)
where i can found error log, i search in cpanel but directory is empty
I think it's Metrics > Errors in the main cPanel screen.
can you help me?. i will pm my user id if you need
If you have PHPGD, do a file scan for BOM/leading whitespace:
I run the the test and the message is:
No files that require modifications were found.
Go to AdminCP > Tools & Maintenance > PHP Info

Is there a section with "gd"? If yes, could you check if "GD Support" is set to "enabled"
Yes, GD Support is set to "enabled"
this the screenshot
There should be an option in cPanel for errors. Navigate to it and give us the errors.
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