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Full Version: Selenium - Dark Modern Theme
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[Image: preview_105204_1461265712_9c63c2a21ed7d4...c41278.png]

- Features - 

- No images used outside of the default MyBB Icons and what have you.
- "New" style boardstats.
- Fresh, minimalist design.
- jQuery dropdown user-panel.
- Clean CSS for ease of editting.
- Subtle CSS3 transitions.
- Fantastic loading time.
- Custom footer with sections for additional links and a site description.
- Icons provided by Font-Awesome.
- Fonts provided by Google Fonts.

Its really awesome.
nice theme
good luck
Nice and pretty much clean theme.

But after importing its outcome is not same as your preview - [Image: aaa4c8e547.png]
Oh shoot. I forgot to apply the CSS changes to the database. Will update that now.

EDIT: Download updated. Let me know if anything else is funky.
No words. Simply awesome !!
It's cool Smile
I like the theme work plus the bolt sign near the logo = my like Smile
Neat work! Can you provide any live previews?
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