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Full Version: My feedback and a little feature
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Well done all the team on MyBB I love the forum you continue to improve on.

I would just simply like to ask to add a little feature.

For example when you click on reply to reply to a topic instead of it taking you to the main page. Could it please log you in then load up the thread you want to reply to?

It is a feature in Vbulletin which I really get used to lol. I must say you are coming very close to beating it!

Keep up the good work!

IPB has this and so does PHPBB i believe...
Yes, this would be a nice feature.
If your talking about what I think you are, a bug in RC4 is preventing this from working properly. And is fixed in Gold. (ie, its already in place)

Thanks for your replys.

I'll explain what I was thinking of. As you say it could already be in.

I've noticed when I was in this thread and clicked on login I was taken to the login page. I then logged in and it said "Thanks we'll take you back to where you came from" I then went to the homepage which is of course not where I was originally. So I take it this is the bug your meaning?

The suggestion I made (which again could be already in) was when you clicked on reply it would ask you to login and then take you to the reply page of the thread.

Ok think I've explained myself better now. Not so tired Cool
yes there is a bug in the redirecting process for RC4 and there is a fix for this here:
(read Chris Boultons post).
Thanks for the link. I'll do that when I setup my forum soon.