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Full Version: User Receiving PM After Being Removed From PM List
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There is a pretty bad bug in the PM system. Let's say several users receive a PM from another user, and one of those users does a Reply All and remove the original sender from that new message, the original sender still receives the message.
I can't replicate this. which version of mybb? which plugins do you have installed?

testing steps I did:

- sent a PM to 3 users
- logged in as a 2nd user that was included in the PM in a new browser as incognito, hit 'reply all' and removed the original sender and hit send
- checked the original sender account and I do not have a reply from the 2nd user

this was done on a 1.8.7 test board with 4-5 plugins installed.
Also can't replicate this at - and we have a whole heap of plugins.
I'm running version 1.8.7. The plugins I have installed:

Board Announcements Manager
Country Flag
MyBB Default Avatar Fix
Disposable Email Blacklist
DVZ Mentions
Edit History Log
Full PM
Google Analytics
HTML in Posts
Login Password Conversion
Purge soft deleted posts and threads
Quick Advanced Editor Plus
Report Private Messages
RSS Feed Poster
Strict Username
View Unread Posts
Wordpress Connect

If one of the MyBB staff is interested, I can created a couple test accounts on my forum for you so you can see what's happening.
Can't reproduce either. Feel free to share the testing accounts.
Possible that full PM is causing the issue? I don't use this and since this is the one of the only ones that touches anything PM related I'd guess the issue MAY resolve around there?

Or maybe "report PM"
I tried removing the PM plugins but that didn't help. The strange thing is that if I just do the test among the test accounts (Registered User) deleting one the original sender works fine, but if I include an admin user to the PM that's where the problem comes in.
Please share your forum url and a test account.
Also tell the admin username, so that we can check your issue.
Any objection if I PM you the details? I'd rather not provide the test accounts and whatnot publicly.
since I see you have tapatalk installed, was this issue seen using tapatalk or directly on your forum in a browser?

I seen a similar bug with tapatalk where if you saved a PM as a draft, it'd send the PM to the user, but the only thing the user would see if the subject of the PM, nothing else. I reported that issue on the tapatalk forum a while ago:
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