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Full Version: Custom BBcode
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Mybb custom bbcode editor allows to create bbcodes like this:


And then display them as for example:

<div>$1</div> where $1 = sometext

But how to create a bbcode with tite (with two variables) like this:


So it would look like:

<div>$1 $2</div> where $1 = sometitle $2 =sometext

How to do so?
In regular expression insert this code:
and in replace this:
<div>$1 $2</div>
Unforutnately it is not working.

In "Testing" field I wrote:


And hitting "Test" shows the same text. It replace nothing (
Sorry, my mistake.
This is the correct code:
Thanks, That is working! By the way, do you know, how to figure out this problem (connected to mybb too):