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Full Version: Images Missing
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Hello Staff I need your help because something is really bothering me.

So I have my own forum and hosting with mybb software and I am using this theme call NetPen

Some reason I do not have the 2 little icon for adminpanel and mod panel.

Have look

It suppose to have it but I show you my friend mybb software 

Have look

he have little thunder icon and hammer but I don't. I been trying to fix it so mybb software forum have it. I have try re adding netpen theme but it didn't. Can someone please help me. I really need get it fix so it show those 2 little icon picture that for admin panel and mod panel. 

Thank You!
can we have your forum url to check it
theme pack consists of a folder with its name. that folder contains images & other scripts of the theme.

netpen named folder with its contents is missing from images folder of your MyBB files server.
Sorry .m. I'm don't really understand it. like there images missing?
You have to upload the folder called netpen from the install package to the images directory of your server.
the whole folder netpen?

I'm not really good at this stuff sorry XD but from what you are saying I have drag on netpen files into images direct folder. If you mean that it didn't work.
netpen folder from the theme pack should be transferred with all its contents to images folder
i.e. images folder should consist of netpen folder. this netpen folder consists of its own folders & files
umm still having trouble xD sorry .m. you think you can help me fix it while I do teamviewer. I sended you private message of my skype name Big Grin. Sorry to bother you guys. D:

so .m. theme file from netpen folder should be drag into image folder at html? Is that what you mean?
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