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Full Version: Login bug, can't post replies. (After directory change)
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I want to change my forum link from to

I created a subdomain in cpanel.

In this process, I am not sure.
I will copy everything to public_html to root.

and after that?

Please note, I am not changing my mysql database, it will be some.
Only the link. 


I moved all files from public_html to

i edited, in site details

Board URL:
Home page url :
Cookie domain:
Cookie path: /

I am done?
That should be good to go.
Just make sure that your Cpanel settings are set so that subdomain points to the correct directory where your forum is located.
Forum is working but.


When i login & try to post reply, it shows me to login again and happening repeatedly.

Can't post topics/replies.




After Changing my Forum directory, from domain to sub-domain.

I am facing issues like -

(On old device) I click to logout of forum, i am still logged in.
(On another device)After Logging in forum, Try to post a reply, It shows me to login again, It keeps repeatating.
When i try to access acp, It says Invalid Administration Session, i login and it shows the same.

I tried clearing my browser cookies before and after change/Login, Still not solved.
I tried to edit inc/settings.php, It was same cookie setting.

Please help.

My  settings - 

$settings['bburl'] = "";
$settings['homeurl'] = "";

$settings['cookiedomain'] = "";

$settings['cookiepath'] = "/";
$settings['cookieprefix'] = "";

I also tried, to clear my cookies Sad
You need to modify both the settings.php and Admin CP settings.

Read this thread
(09-20-2016, 01:16 PM)WallBB Wrote: [ -> ]You need to modify both the settings.php and Admin CP settings.

Read this thread

I already read that thread around 10 times before posting this.

It is happening from today, (Yesterday, I moved my forum from domain to sub-domain)
When i login in ACP, i land on Dashboard then when i click on Configuaration module, i logged out bcoz of
"Invalid Administration Session"

i think its issue only on chrome,
I tried opera browser & it works fine.

Any solution for Chrome?
I tried clearing browsing data with cookies & still don'nt work
Hello guys,

Recently, i moved my forum from domain to sub.domain.
From that day, I was having issue with "Invalid Administration Session" and Login/Logout Problems on Chrome.

I tried clearing browser cookie, mybb cookie and my site cookie settings are also Ok.

Later i found that, It is only happening with Google Chrome Browser,
I tried Opera browser and its working fine.

My members also facing this issue, so i told them to use another browser, they said its working fine in Mozilla firefox browser.

Any Help?
can we have your forum url ..
(09-21-2016, 06:32 AM).m. Wrote: [ -> ]can we have your forum url ..

I sent you in private message.
Please check your inbox.

Thanks  Heart

Thanks .m.

You solved my issue.

I removed the dot '.' before the domain cookie,
and the cookie path is /

and its working now. (After Clearing browser cookies)

I Request you to login to my forum and check the details if anything is not wrong.