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Full Version: [Request] Show new replies to your post
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I would like a mod writer to do this
I don't understand what you want this mod to do?
So it would be easier to tell who replied to your posts
You know, in the replies column on the forum page, if you click on the number that's there, it shows you who posted in that thread.
I still think it would be easier for there to be a header link to show for all forums
Well if you think that, you will need to do it yourself =P
It would be extremely easy to simply add a link to the top of each forum page through the template editor. Here is the URL for the page listing who has posted:

That does not really look like what I was looking for
Then give use more description of what you want. Were not mind readers.
I just want something like..

"Show new replies to your posts."

And it shows a list of topics that have new replies to them.

This is the only thing i like about smf so I wish mybb would have it
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