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Full Version: How do I find these codes?
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I recently switched to HTTPS, and browsers show I have 3 unsecured sources on my forum.


All of them are related to fonts and I know I can fix them by simply changing their links from http:// to https:// or simply //.

The thing is, I can not find them. Even when I right click, see Source, there's no link to these files or anything. How do I find these and change these?

Ok I've found it. It's Guestwarn plugin files.
I believe they're in your headerinclude.

Go to AdminCP > Templates & Themes > Templates > Choose your template > Ungrouped > headerinclude
Those will be found in headerinclude Smile

Next time, go to Go to AdminCP > Templates & Themes > Templates > Search/Replace > Enter codes
Nah they weren't in headerinclude, I checked there. They were related to Guestwarn plugin files and the reason I was unable to see them.. well, I was logged in.  Big Grin
You can see the code from plugin's thread itself :

[Image: 687474703a2f2f636f6d6d756e6974792e6d7962...362e706e67]

Those 2 import codes should have been "//"