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Full Version: myfacebook connect v2.3
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anyone have url to myfacebook connect v2.3 ?

my php still old version, can't install v 3.0
v2.3 wont work - Facebook API used in this version is not supported anymore. You have to use v3
Actually, you can download version 2.3 from the Mods Site. Just pick up the build prior to the latest available. Alternatively, you can download it from GitHub.

It works as long as you edit the plugin following the instructions you can find in this thread. However, it is highly recommended you upgrade your PHP version to the minimum 3.0 requirements (which is PHP version 5.4), mainly because I don't know when Facebook's APIs used in pre-3.0 will be completely deprecated. Also, you lose all the benefits of the latest SDK which include speed and reliability.
Update your php version to 5.6, is not a big deal...
i can't upgrade to 5.4+ cause my hosting system use SPANEL, need to backup and many changes for database to migration to cpanel, cause spanel and cpanel is little different system.
thank you, maybe i will use google+ connect :'(