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Full Version: No more log-in
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Following the attempt to solve a problem (this is the thread) can not perform log in, ask for a new password, but the completion of the process you get the following message "You have performed a successful login you will be redirected to the page from which you came." That makes me repeat the process indefinitely, because I have to rerun the log-in, thanks.
#1 Delete your browser cookies, try logging in again. Report back the results
same thing, I refered to that thread because I believe I have set wrong in some field l 'http // but do not know how to correct it now
check ur board url settings.

make sure cookie url is example of:

cookie path is:

makae sure board url is: (NO SLASH AT END /)
is impossible for me touch the impostation, because not accept the log-in, what I can do? there is a way to solve? or I have to clear the forum? Sad
Edit the values in ./inc/settings.php, then you will be able to log in, you must then make the change again in the ACP.
Thanks Matt, as you know I'm no expert, here are 429 rows that I have to touch? and how do I fix? can you tell me the name of 'attribute?
I see this, is correct?:
- $settings['bburl'] = "";
- $settings['cookiedomain'] = "";
- $settings['fbmeta_global_site_url'] = "";
- $settings['homeurl'] = "";
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Thanks peoples, i have correct this setting:
- $settings['cookiedomain'] = "" to ""
and now i have logged Smile