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Full Version: Access Denied. - Plugin Uploader #2_Stable
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         I have downloaded this plugin uploader. After installing this plugin when i clicked on Upload Plugin It shows Access Denied. Also i am unable to uninstall or remove this plugin. How i can?
[Image: uAoJbMU.png]
Are you a super administrator?
(2016-12-25, 10:04 AM)chack1172 Wrote: [ -> ]Are you a super administrator?

What is super Admin. I am just admin of the site. Don't know about super admin.
Super admin is the first account created on forum during the installation.
You need to ask the administrator to give you permission to access this area of the AdminCP.
By default only UID 1, if you're a secondary admin then you'll need to be given permission to access this section. This is a security feature to avoid giving all admins access by default.