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Full Version: WIP My own profile system for my forums.
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After a week of hard work i try to get and put some ideas on my own hads.

Now it's a reallity and the works is in progress, but is only for my own exclusively usage.

I only try to present this mod, because is a good one and no one are like these.

What is this ?

1.- Profile comments for your profile with advanced features.
2.- Last Visitors with some restrictions to not run queries everytime.
3.- Referrals of every user.
4.- Latest posts.
5.- Lates threads.
6.- Buddylist.
7.- Some customization effects to add an biography image and youtuve video.
8.- All more can be added but i have to wait because i want to take a rest before this hard work until i experiece problemas with MyProfile due templates and hooks with original mybb ones causing conflicts and i have to make my own mod, because i want to do it.

All adds are working right now, but is a wip, so maybe i do not want to work anymore on it or maybe i can do.

But it's my pleasure to tell this mod is working on our sites exclusively and it's a work that i am very proud of the final results.

All is working by ajax, so all the works is very optimized to make more powerfull and usefull mod to work with.

Compatible with MyAlerts if not installed anyway you have to receive alerts for new comments....


All is 100% customizable at our own.

All are copyrightedto my but you can give and idea for your own mods to make it works with mybb and see the entire powerfull of this script.

[Image: part1.png]

[Image: part2.png]

[Image: part3.png]

[Image: part4.png]

[Image: part5.png]

And that is all folks !!!

I hope this can be usefull for anyonw who wants to make their own plugins.

This is based on my own ideas so i know is hard to think about any mod workig and make it works fine.

This version was tested so i have fixed bugs and more........
How do I download this?
It looks like a great mod Neo, kudos for the good work.
Just wanted to know that this mod will create templates which can be modified right ?
@WallBB thanks for the feedback.

Yes as any of my mods are 100% customizable, this mod creates stylesheet for customize their own css, and every template needed for the mod, only you have to work with classes and more, i have not to remove ids or some classes because all works with that by ajax.

But ayway can add more classes or any if needed, but is customizable, so i can delete or remove entire contets and retrieve all ajax contents.

But yes all is 100% editable and customizable by admincp.

Every module are loaded and added as stylesheets.

All lang references are on lang vars, i allways work as is.

I have to work insome things yet but this is the final first version.

I share a video of usage this weekend if i can, of course on my localhost to make better due inet server conection and rstrictions due cache loads and cloudflare protections on my site. Because only i kow how it works and i have to make a video explainig to my community how it works.
I'd be interested to see how you are handling the last visitors data. I have my own idea on how I'd handle it, but would certainly like to see yours.
I do with a new table on db because is needed to retrieve that info with an id and fields for target user, user id and a date field. Then i add a 1 hour verify pass query to update and normal query for new visitors saving data.

That is needed due i retrieve all info from db with join from users table for all mod, single or ajax.

All ajax requests are a very single, but i will work on that because is not a mod to share with everyone Big Grin Oly for me and i will do as single as posible to not forget anything and can make some improvements.

Here is a video on how it works.

I am really proud of the final results and very happy because i see my users are using it and it is very usefulll for me at least .
This looks great and I am always amazed at everything you do!! Kudos to you and all your hard work, hope it's paying off. Smile

The video you posted last is set as private though....
Thanks for the feedback @Starlight

Yes i see that i published but i do not know why is like private, i review and set it to public now.

All my videos are public xD.

But i forgot to wait and publish.

All the work i can make now is a very glad experience for me. If i have my wtire health i can do more that this, but unfortunatelly i only can make what god let me do xD.

I hoppe you can see video this time because i have to do it for my sites users on my own lang to explain how it works, here i have to use text because i have tested my audio and really sucks, so if my english is bad then i can not imagine talking like i am writing, jajaja.
I finished this project.


View comments received and sentido comments.

Comments are un three categories
Friends, private and public

You can change own profile avatar and biography image vía ajax and imgur api.

All contents are in tabs to make more easy read all contents.

And that is all.

Plugin finished !!!
And download link? Big Grin
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