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two months ago, our webhoster updated MySQL to the latest version 8. But since then, some our Plugins aren't working smoothly. I want to update the content of the additional pages created with the Page Manager (Version 2.1.3), but after i press the save button, i get an error massage (see picture).
I know the syntax changed a little bit in the latest MySQL version. But i'm a total beginner with MySQL, so i have no idea, what and where i have to make adjustments to make that plugin work correctly.

Thank you for reading
groups is a reserved keyword since mysql 8.0.2 - you'll have to quote it

$query = $db->simple_select('pages','pid,name,url,groups,deviceselect,online','enabled=1');

if quoting does not work you can also put * instead of pid,name,url, groups, ...

or maybe your mybb_pages table has no groups entry at all but it should've been added by the plugin's update code (which runs when you deactivate/activate)
quoting worked! thank you very much :)
Version 2.1.5 is online! - I've updated first post for more details.

I installed recently on MyBB 1.8.30, and I can't seem to get the plugin to display. My server specs are below:

Apache Version 2.4.52
PHP Version 7.4.28
MySQL Version 5.6.41-84.1
Architecture x86_64
Operating System linux

Is there a compatibility issue? My error log is not showing anything relating to the plugin, but obviously there's still an issue somewhere. Thanks for any help.
I've tested it on a MyBB 1.8.30 forum installation and it works as it should.

Do you have create or import a page on page manager surface?
Never mind. I didn’t realize that I needed to link to the page independently. My issue is resolved now. Thanks.
Hi, any updates on an update for PHP 8.1?
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