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Full Version: Can admin get email notification that a new user is awaiting activation?
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I am new to MyBB, I'm the admin for a site,

I set new user Registration Method to "Email Verification & Admin Activation" but I am not getting an email when new users are awaiting activation. 

Is it possible to have one sent to me? I'm so new, I don't even know if this is normal. If it is possible, where do I set this?

I don't see any actual setting that says "Send the admin an email when new users are awaiting activiation Yes/No" or whatever, and I don't getting one when someone registers. They get their email to verify, and then my admin CP says they are awaiting activation if I log in. But I don't get an email. The email logs don't show any activity. I did not log in for two weeks once and found somebody had been waiting a long time.

Thanks if you can help!
Are you using PHPmail or SMTP ?

If you are using PHPmail, try creating an email with your domain name. Most of the hosting provider need that for PHPmail
First, can you or someone please confirm for me, or not - Is MyBB supposed to send an email that someone is awaiting activation?

You would think it should, but I have not actually seen anything anywhere say that it actually does. Nor has anyone confirmed this for me. Nor do I see any settings to turn it on or off, which implies that it does not exist.

Past that, I am not sure what to do with what you said. I do not know if I am using PHPmail or SMTP mail. I can tell you that:
  • if someone fills out the contact card, I get a copy to forum admin (which is then forwarded to my personal email)
  • If I send a mass email, all three accounts get it (all mine. still setting up the BB and testing.)
  • I do not see any error messages in the various logs. But I also do not see any record of emails being sent to notify admin about people awaiting activation.

How can I tell if PHPmail or SMTP?

I looked at Mail Issues but this script does not make sense to me. I made the test script the page recommends but if I "browse to it in order to run the test" in Crystal file manager on my web provider (SiteGround hosting), all it does is let me View it or Download it or Edit it. It doesn't run it. How do I run it? I get the feeling I am such a noob I am not even doing this right.

Thank you so much if you can help. I think I just need to get over the hump here. 

I can't start my forum and invite people if I'm not notified of newcomers! It's super rude to seem to completely ignore newbies. It's already a burden to require activation.

Thanks so much! MyBB otherwise looks great.
MyBB system is supposed to send email to the super administrators (set through config.php file)
AND the other admins who have required privileges at the users section of forum admin panel
when registration method is set to admin activation [member.php#L532-L534]
or when it is set to both email verify & admin activation [member.php#L620-L622]

however not sure if it is working fine ..

(edited ..)
.m. thanks so much for the detail-specific reply!

Both parts of my member.php look exactly as the example you linked to. And I mean exactly. So if some of those are variables which were supposed to be filled in with concrete values, it did not happen. (I do not know much about PHP, assuming that's what I'm looking at. Which would make it about the fifth language I am having to learn all at once, on top of two thousand settings, in order to have my own website, sigh.)

My inc/config.php line also reads like the example, namely,

   $config['super_admins'] = '1';

This somewhat mystifies me. If it is supposed to correspond to the 1st person registered, I do not see any such numbers listed in the list of users. Jumping around the screens for a user (Profile etc), I also don't.

If it is supposed to be a user name (text), how could anyone possibly have a user ID of 1? Why would they even put that there, instead of just a blank, or 'admin'? 

And why is this the first I've heard of the super-important super admin? Why isn't it anywhere at all on any of the screens, IIRC? Super admin is not even in the list of group types!

It's all very mystifying. How can I possibly know all the invisible mines lying in wait?

I tried putting my admin user name into config.php as follows. I don't know if I am doing the quote handling correctly for text strings in MyBB:

   $config['super_admins'] = 'what_my_user_name_is';

Exactly as shown.

Of course, it didn't help a bit. No email notification of a new user awaiting activation. Testing and making and killing new accounts plus fake email boxes for it all, remembering the details, going through all the steps, always typoing something on the registrations ... All this is taking so much time. 

Anyway. Feedback really appreciated. Thanks!
on a test forum, I've checked whether email is sent to admins when a member registers
registration method is set to both email verification & admin activation

and received the emails [image 1] [image 2]

a super administrator is supposed to have all privileges at the forum admin panel.
user groups Wrote:Super Administrators
This is the usergroup for the very first user set up when MyBB was installed.
Users in this group cannot be deleted, changed or banned.
These users are also members of the "Administrators" group.
Users cannot be added to this group through the Admin CP;
they must be added by changing settings in the inc/config.php file.

Note: This is not a real usergroup.
It is an extension of the Administrators Usergroup.

below setting is added when a MyBB forum is first installed.
$config['super_admins'] = '1';
1 is the user id of the person who installed the forum.

registered members have a unique number - user id (uid)  to identify them.
uid 1 is allotted to the person who installed the forum.
next registered member gets uid 2 ... the series continues.
Admin receives emails about user registration, but if the user is activated by admin -> no email is sent to user about this. I made a PR with fix - so it should be fixed in 1.8.11
(2017-03-19, 04:37 AM).m. Wrote: [ -> ]on a test forum, I've checked whether email is sent to admins when a member registers
registration method is set to both email verification & admin activation

and received the emails [image 1] [image 2]

Thanks very much for your support, .m.! I apologize for my drama. It helps a lot to know someone is really trying to assist.

Thank you for addressing all my questions about your first post. (Cute, calling your test member .t.  Wink ). Meanwhile I also had the thought to look directly at the mybbur_users SQL data, where there's a clear UID field. UID 1 is indeed the same admin user that set up myBB, etc., as you said. So I changed config.php super_admin back to '1'. 

Also the other two sets of data in member.php are exactly as you show in the default data. I went through them character by character. Prior to this, I had not directly opened or looked at any forum files. I wasn't even aware of  member.php before you pointed it out.

However, I guess this means that those things are not the problem. It has been productive to have you showing me these things, and it is useful in the long run. But it doesn't solve my problem now.

As  said, UID 1 is also the same admin that IS receiving emails for, e.g., a Contact form and mass emails via MyBB. But I do not see any messages about admin activation emails being sent (or failing) in any of the logs. 

After spending time looking into this issue, I started the message above, then realized I have a lot of other small questions, so I decided I should try to hire someone. So I have posted a request to hire someone. It's okay if you don't answer this thread any more and let me pursue it there. But if you have thoughts you can easily type, that's great.

You've been really helpful and kept me from getting really bummed out. I have a lot to do in my life and get low when even small things take countless hours. Anyway, thanks so much for your help .m. !
If anyone is interested,

I hired somebody from Upwork to work on this issue (where admins are not getting an email that someone is waiting for activation). There was also an issue where "Logout" wasn't appearing anywhere; you couldn't log out.

He said that 1) the original installation didn't complete (or bombed), so he said he re-installed right on top of the previous install (but the forum still seems set up just like I had it) and 2) he installed an old version of the plugin "Email Notification about new members" by Malte Gerth. It says it is v. 1.8, which is apparently even older than this 2009 v. 2.1.0 which is the only version I can find, so don't ask me where he got it. But it works, shrug. 

I'm not entirely sure what to make of all this. All I really know is that it works now, where it didn't before, and also when I was not able to figure it out via googling for help, or with the help of the kind folks here.

So there's that.

If anyone has any comments or questions, please say. I'm not sure what to make of what happened. But I'm also not sure I can give much more in the way of details.

Thanks all,

Hi Mike

Well you certainly persevered with this - well done!

I need the same functionality for my new MyBB site, but unfortunately none of the plugins for 1.8.11 available from the MyBB site provide it.

I downloaded Malte Gerth's plugin (using the link you provided) but got this message in "Plugins" in control panel:-
This plugin is incompatible with MyBB 1.8.11 

I think it is likely that your software engineer amended the script to make it compatible.

I'll keep looking, otherwise I'm going to have to log into the forum three times a day - maybe at mealtimes.
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