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Full Version: Is MyBB the right software for my new forum?
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Newbie. First forum. Much user time. Usually on the edge -- leading or trailing, not saying'.
I installed phpBB for my new forum. No point in linking to it, since it has been disabled.
In the meanwhile, I recognize that phpBB has been around for so long, I thought I 
would look into something more up to date. Hence, here I am.
When I finish with host support today, I should have a clean slate.
BTW, I was having some problems with permissions with phpBB.
Here's the thing: I am doing an invitation-only discussion panel. Thinking of it as a 
virtual leadership conference, without leaving the desk or paying for the 
conference room.  There will be only 60 of us, and everyone will be a moderator,
so to speak, but more likely called "participant," or even "panelist," except, not
quite a panelist, because each is an expert in their field. The experts will post a
comment, and only the other experts will reply.  Does that paint the picture?
Well, wouldn't it be nice to have configurations that seem just right for the purpose?
For example, there has to be some kind of registration or log in, but if someone wants 
to observe, and the posting membership is restricted, wouldn't it be kind of
insulting to have a useless log-in on the screen? 
That is one thought. 
I will integrate this forum with a blogging function.
Not much to show and tell at this point.  Here's one link just so as to 
not be completely anonymous:
Any suggestions, please, as to how to proceed?  Hosting support turns out to be
not the best solution -- my concerns are too specialized.
Very much I thank you.
So, all you want is a forum with an invitation system ?
(2017-03-20, 04:58 PM)meetdilip Wrote: [ -> ]So, all you want is a forum with an invitation system ?

Thank you for responding.

1) Yes, the reason for that is to not mislead  guests to think the forum
is open to registrations. Guests may read, but not register.
2) All registered users will have moderator privileges, but 
they will not be moderators, but panelists or registered attendees.
3) I would also like to have a text box on the welcome 
screen for current notifications. 150-200 characters. 

As soon as the present host deletes the old forum,
the plan is to auto install Mybb and see if I can handle it.

I am investigating the support environment MyBB.
Most forums are built from the ground up to accommodate,
even solicit traffic.  This one is to serve 60 attendees,
each with professional status.

Hope I am explaining this all right.

Thanks, again.
You can basically create forum moderators, groups and using user permissions, you can do all the things you want.
Also you can use MyBB to integrate with blog as well, I think that portal can be used as a blog page without integrating with any software.
What about Flarum? stil under development but it is available and you can use it Smile

Personally I prefer MyBB because it is flexible and user can change/code/add everything what is needed. I have been using MyBB over 4 years, so I like it. However for your purposes maybe flarum will be better, try both of them
Thank you for those responses. I will follow up.
Surely myBB can do all of this without much tweaking?

Create a new myBB forum structure on your new host, populate it with a forum/sub-forum structure to meet your requirements, then send a link to the registration page to your members. Then - give those members admin rights (*), and send new invites to anyone else.

(*) - Be careful - "admin" means that anyone can do anything - perhaps allow moderation rights to all, but not full control. Do that, and anyone can close & delete the forum at any time ...

There's plenty of help here if you want it.

There are several plugins for blogging afaik or you could use wordpress integration.

As far as the permissions go MyBB is a good choice.
(2017-03-20, 01:58 PM)Ed Shaw Wrote: [ -> ]BTW, I was having some problems with permissions with phpBB.

I used to be on phpBB, permissions were a nightmare for me Undecided

I'm now on MyBB and I find the permissions system and admin panel much more easy to understand and use Smile
Thanks for the kind and wise responses, Mybb forum members.
(I'll have time tomorrow to go over the info, one at a time.)
With help, I was able to locate the uninstall feature of Sophaculous,
and note I must have disabled the board, myself.
I reinstalled phpBB with reservations, reasoning I have come
this far with it, I might as well learn it. The plan now is to 
install Mybb also. I understand phpBB is a classic, but times
have changed, though phpBB has down well to adapt.

If I have one question today, it is how the heck to I enable
email authorized registrtration om phpBB? I can't even get the 
register/login boxes to show on the main screen.

Thx again, everyone.
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