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Full Version: search of a member in the Admin Panel no longer works
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Hello community,
we have recently the problem that a search of a member in the Admin Panel no longer works.
I've searched my own nickname (I have also tested with other users) and get the following error:

[Image: 4YRj.jpg]

What can I do to solve this problem?
Thanks in advance for your answer!

little UP ....
No idea?

Thanks in advance!
have you run file verification tool .. does it say all files are alright (ignore install folder & images)
Hello my friend .m.,

I've (finally) run file verification tool now.

We have the message:

There are currently no templates which have been updated since you last upgraded.

So I've searched again (and others) my own nickname and still have the same problem.

But I have found something new!!
As in the picture, the search on the left does not work, there I get the error message (no user where found ....etc)

[Image: 8QZw.jpg]

Thanks in advance for your help!


I have just gone through the "other" verification tool (Home ยป File Verification)

[Image: XKq9.jpg]

editpost.php change:
Due to my problem dlete thread not work, I have edit the php (
I think that is the change in the File Verification?


I copied and inserted the contents of awaiting.php ( and uploaded to the server.

But I still have an error change ... why?

In cross reference mybb, the content is empty. What should I do?

Thanks in advance,

Hello community!
little UP..
Thank you for your help :-)

Have a good day,