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Full Version: how do you install a plugin
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how do install it with one click installer, what files do you install it in
are you asking about installing MyBB or installing a plugin in MyBB forum ?

if asking about plugins installation then can we have your forum url ..
see Installing Plugins guidance & see also this reply

basically plugin files are to be added to inc/plugins folder of MyBB files server.
if plugin consists of single php file then that is the simple method. but plugin might
consist of several files. in that case we have to follow folder structure of plugin pack.
this can be confusing at sometimes as plugin coders may not follow unified method to
pack their plugin files. readme file if exists with plugin can consist of the instructions

if plugin files are located in a folder named Upload then its contents should be transferred
by following the folder structure
. that Upload folder itself should not be transferred.

after adding the plugin files you have to visit admin panel >> configuration >> plugins
page to install & activate newly added plugin. then proceed to configuration >> settings
page to find the settings related to newly added plugin and setup the plugin settings.

youtube has some videos to help (you can search for MyBB plugins installation)

Note: Plugin Uploader can be also used to install other plugins.
however it needs to be installed first (manually) and later it can be used to add other plugins
thanks I will try to do it .m. <- snip ->
What if the folder upload contains new folders, and these folders won't upload?
^ if the folders do not upload then they should be manually created & their contents should be uploaded
theres a plugin so you can just upload the zip or tar file and it places all the files in the correct location.
I know this is a really stupid question but I'm trying to upload the MyBB Plugin uploader.

1) I downloaded the plugin, and what I get are two folders:
one is named ".."
the other is named "Plugin-Uploader"

2) I realize they have to be extracted, but exactly what has to be extracted?? The folders, or should I open these folders and only extract certain files. I have no idea. 

Any help much appreciated, thanks.
If the plugin you're trying to upload is Plugin Uploader and you've downloaded it from the same page i've linked.
Then in this specific case open the rar file with "winrar" or any other software to open rar/zip files and upload the folders that are inside the 'files' folder to the forum root folder.
To be more specific the folders that you should upload to your root folder of your forum are the 'inc' folder and the 'admin' folder.
After you've uploaded the files navigate to your board ACP --> Plugins{on the side menu} and then click on the "install & activate button".

And that's about it, good luck!
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