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Full Version: Remove the SPAM post
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I am Record_116, also from Japan. I runs the MyBB forum version 1.6.2.

In the forum I run, creating the spam posts and spam thread is being carried out on a daily basis. Due to StopForumSpam plugin, accounts for spam purposes are no longer registered, but spam posting continues.

example of spam post (shown image)

In order to extermination spams, I found the method that "Removing Powered By MyBB Message and replace the link with a transparent PNG." That method is posted on this URL.

I think this method is effective for countering spam.

However, this method posted was more than 5 years ago.

5 years have passed, Is this method still valid even now? Currently, Is it possible to run this way?

If it is still vaild, please tell me how to do the method published in this URL.

Thanks you.
suggested methods in above referred guidance are still valid. you can also use required approvals plugin.

please note that MyBB 1.6 series is no longer supported. latest available version is 1.8.12
Upgrading to 1.8 as .m. said would certainly help with combating spam as there are several new features built in to both prevent spam and to clean it up (such as the Purge Spammer tool).
Thanks, .m. and Euan T.

I downloaded MyBB 1.8.12 from

but I do not know how to move the forum data from old version (1.6.2) to new version (1.8.12).

Please tell me how to move forum contents such as users, posts, personal settings from old version (1.6.2) to new version (1.8.12).

^ please see MyBB upgrading guidance
remember to take the backups (esp. database) before upgrading
Thanks, .m..

On read "MyBB upgrading guidance", it seems to be needs "Full Upgrade".

In the case of Full Upgrade, Is possible moving the forum data as posts, personal settings of users, etc from old version (1.6.2) to new version (1.8.12)?.
^ yes, full upgrade is required
and all the data transfers to the new version automatically through upgrade process.

What is "upgrade process"? I tried this method (shown url).

I used this method and overwrote the files, but only "Error 43" occurred.

"Error 43" says,

"The install directory (install/) still exists on your server and is not locked. To access MyBB please either remove this directory or create an empty file in it called lock".

I tried to create the file named "lock". However,

Unkindly, It did not explain what file extension to use for an empty file called "lock". Next, I tried to remove the directory named "install", but only 500 Internal server error has occurred.

Please give me detailed instructions on upgrading the forum.
after uploading the new version files (by overwriting most of existing files)
you can visit forumURL/install/upgrade.php on your browser and follow the instructions displayed.

edit: btw, can we have your forum url ..
I failed the upgrade. I used the rentalserver site, . I tried many times, but only an error such as "filemng failed: filemng: Error occurred during /bin/mv command" is occurred.

By the way, Is still vaild the method that using the software named "FilleZIlla"?

This Youtube video shown the method, but posted on 6 years ago.
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