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Full Version: the posts lost it poster
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i know title sound strange
i will say from the start what happened is some how while my host php version was under update my whole DataBase broke
the only way saved me is merge Script i did merge and keept the forum as the new system
after a long while i found out the the main admin became 2nd account of the forum instead of 1st
the user ID changed from 1 to 2
and lost it postion as super admin
so i tried to copy the super admin access to the 2nd one but it did not work while im trying i removed the user ID 1
the whole user table and lost the access admin panel
thanks to this guy
i was able to give my account the admin access and i moved him as user ID 1
now about 1k posts have no auther
what the best way to make these posts back to the user ID who posted em all
any way to change this from php admin or table or something ?
I suggest you to change the id of the user to 2 and then edit the file "inc/config.php".
Search the code below and change the 1 to 2:
$config['super_admins'] = '1';