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Full Version: Deprecated Features
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The following features should be considered for removal in 1.10.
  • portal.php
  • calendar.php (mentioned already)
  • printthread.php
  • rss.php and syndication.php
  • sendthread.php (replaced with social media buttons?)
  • showteam.php (merged into memberlist.php with query string)
  • member.php?action=emailuser (only used by spammers)
/archive/ also.
No to Portal, that must be kept.

Plus some people have it as their landing page.

I say keep it.
Portal is sometimes used on forums so don't delete
* portal.php -- like others have mentioned, it has become a landing page in a significant number of sites; don't deprecate / remove yet
* calendar.php -- API needs to be in place to allow easy development of a replacement plugin a la avatar gallery
* printthread.php -- needs some love, including allowing a different logo (print thread has a white background, while our main site might have a dark background)
* rss.php and syndication.php -- need some usage stats; how popular are RSS feeds these days?
* sendthread.php -- I agree that this needs to integrate social media instead of just email
* showteam.php -- I'm not sure how easy it would be to add this functionality to memberlist.php
* member.php?action=emailmember -- this should become a more generic contact member with extra steps to prevent SPAM
* archive/* -- agree that archive either needs to go away or be merged with printthread.php for a printable version of a thread.
I'd like to see showteam page redone but not removed. I think it's useful.

Portal - remove but you can already disable in acp
Calender - should have been removed in 1.8x 100% useless
Printthread - meh, remove it but could be an SEO problem
rss,syndication - remove
sendthread - remove, I doubt anyone uses it due to potential spam

Better social media interactions would be nice to replace a few of these.

Want to note that from archive there should just be a print option. (i.e. archive/threadid/print)
I personally like the RSS/syndication features. Can be useful to post new threads to social media automatically and such too.
portal.php - I think this is useful and a lot of people use it.
calendar.php (mentioned already) - I agree
printthread.php - I agree
rss.php and syndication.php - I think these are good to have
sendthread.php (replaced with social media buttons?) - I agree
showteam.php (merged into memberlist.php with query string) - I think this is good to have and a lot of forums use it that I know of.
member.php?action=emailuser (only used by spammers) - I agree. People very rarely email each other from the board. Users get emails when they get a private message so seems a bit outdated again for me.
I would say keep portal, printthread, RSS/Syndication, showteam (in some form, either as a page itself or as a query on the memberlist... maybe a new dropdown for member group on the list page).

Email user isn't that useful. About the only time I can see it being useful is if a member has left the site and someone needs to contact them but they don't get emails about PMs from the site (so sending a PM won't reach them). But that's kind of a rare thing.
RSS has been extremely, extremely useful for me on one forum to give me notifications when things happened in forums I cared about.
It would have been too much of a pain in the *** for me to chase things there otherwise, it had like a zillion forums and for good reason.

A year or two ago, every-day I would look at my RSS feed to catch up with things.
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