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Full Version: Default responsive theme
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I think that, for today's standards default responsive theme is must.

At least for front-end - admin cp may not be responsive but responsive theme for forum is definitely required...
Support this completely, I believe it is in MyBB 1.10 plan as well
This is required.
Yes, I guess it is but I haven't find that info anywhere Wink
Yes, this is planned. The theme is going to be completely rewritten for 1.10.

Your feature suggestion has been accepted as a planned feature to be implemented in MyBB. Thanks for your contribution!
(2017-12-14, 05:13 PM)lomazzo Wrote: [ -> ]Do you think the 1.10 version will be released by the end of 2018?

I hope so, but can't guarantee any kind of release date - it depends on how many people contribute, and how much time developers have.
I'm looking forward to seeing what fresh new look you guys will come up with for 1.10. Hoping you'll be going fully tableless as well this time.
It is planned to remove most of tables if not all of them and to use new tamplates and everything.
Design will be made from scratch.

And it's planned for version 1.9 which MyBB Team is primary based on and which will be aviable before 1.10 version Smile
Maybe even in a few months Wink
That's good to know. Thanks.

I hope we'll be seeing last poster avatar (on index, forumdisplay/threadlist, etc...) in 1.10 as well, rather than having to wait on 2.0 for it. It's pretty standard in forums these days. Thread creator avatar on threadlist as well.

Also, a sidebar on the index next to the forum categories with recent posts/threads - with last poster avatar included as well, of course - would be pretty neat, too.
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