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Full Version: A plugin which will auto hide "click-able" links until reply ?
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I am finding a myBB plugin which will automatically hide "click-able" Links . no need to add [hide] or [lock] tag . links will be automatically hide until user replies.

Please help me . If there is any plugin please send me Download link or if there is a tutorial please  tell me. 

below you can see example:

[Image: DtdS84G.png]

I will be highly thankful Smile

waiting for Best Reply Big Grin

hope to get a fast reply
The only sort of plugin I've seen like that is this: although that was built for MyBB 1.2x so I have a feeling it won't work anymore. View here on how to upgrade Plugins to MyBB 1.8x.

If that doesn't work you'll need a custom plugin made. I'd suggest using [hide] plugin for now.
There are hide links for guests for free but only hide it for guests.

Ot the paid one Hide Content Until Reply (It works like that). It allows you to hide links, attachments and mycode with hide tags, you can configure it at your own, set usergroups and it works on all mybb 1.8.x versions. It is up to date, but it is a paid mod of mine.

I just do not know if there is another plugin for it, but i think don't because many users ask for this type of mod.