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Full Version: Moderator display isues in suborums
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My forums are pretty much complete but I still have one issue that can't figure how to fix:

So apparently it shows the user with hashtags and the profile ID for some reason. Any idea what the problem is?
The one is ok, the other is not. Which suggests that the code is fine. I would have a closer look at the difference between those 2 users. The one has formatted color whereas the other not, so maybe take a look at the Username Style in ACP for the groups.
Yeah, that was the first thing I did. But it's not that, this is how I had them before:
<span style="color: #bb3348;"><strong>{username}</strong></span>

Now, I removed everything just to test and see if that's the real issue but it's still the same so the problem might be somewhere else!
do the 2 members belong to the same group ?
No, they belong to 2 different groups.
which 2 groups, and what are the respective username styles in ACP ?
Manager - <span style="color:#bb3348;"><strong>{username}</strong></span>
Developer - <span style="color:#5c67f3;"><strong>{username}</strong></span>

Manager is actually the default admin group but I renamed it to my needs.
difficult to comment further with your forum being closed.
I've unlocked the forums if you want to have a look at it.

Looks like there was another user that had the same issue but nobody replied with a fix:
Think I had that issue once and it was due to a plugin. Can you post the link to your board?
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