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Full Version: TK Darkness 2.0.1
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Hi! Why my theme looks like this?

[Image: OTWte2T.png]

When it's suppouse to look like the images in the post.

Extra: I can't change the logo.
You need to set post layout to classic:
ACP > Configuration > Show Thread Options > Post Layout

Then run this query in the database to set it to current users:
UPDATE `mybb_users` SET `classicpostbit` = 1
Oh yes, sorry. I was with phone.
For me the theme works just fine. great work
can someone help me fix this issue
(2019-05-27, 12:09 AM)DeathlessForums Wrote: [ -> ]can someone help me fix this issue

Maybe some error during the installation. Try to reinstall it
That is a dvz shoutbox problem you have not moved the css code provided into your templates global
new version update please
This looks nice. Does it work with 1.8.26 or 1.8.27?
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