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Full Version: Before installation, is it possible to realize this with MyBB
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Hi there,

I am looking for the right CMS solution of our gaming community project. At the moment we run a message board using the Woltlab forum software. In the near future a big game fitting to our community will be released. It features a big editor for making User Generated Content. Our first idea was buying the Woltlab Gallery Plugin ant modifying it, so the users can upload a screenshot with their level-code and a description. This should serve as a database where users could rate and comment the content generated by other users. Additionally we planned to buy the lexicon extension in order to provide the possibility to create a Wiki where users and/or the team could post tutorials. After that we had the idea to implement a news blog and some single info pages. Lastly we wanted to implement our Twitch-Live Stream on a single page.

Since the project now has so many changes of the basic WBB forum and also we thought about changing to an open source forum system anyway for year, we thought about finally changing to phpBB or MyBB.

So here is what we want to have:

A website with a community and a Single-Account system with these features:
- news blog, where the users can comment the News and the team can post news.
- level database where users can upload the code (the game uses a code for sharing the levels), the name, a screenshot and a description of their levels. Other users can rate and comment the levels. It would be cool if the levels could be sorted by rating etc.
- message board
- wiki where at least the team but maybe also the users can post articles
- single Info pages for game infos

Addtional but not mandatory features:
- an implementation of our discord server
- an implementation of our Twitch-Live stream where Twitch users can post in the chat
- an extra segment for user articles
- a segment for feature articles like interviews or level/creator of the month with link to the specific level / user page

Is it possible to do that with MyBB? What extentions do we need? Would you suggest some other CMS instead of a forum software instead?
integration is possible with wordpress (eg.) & probably with mediawiki (eg.)

gallery extensions are available (eg.) / integration is possible
(see also XThreads applications)

single info pages can be made easily (eg.)

other specific requirements might require hiring expert coders