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Full Version: can't delete event after upgrade to 1.8.20
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I just migrate from 1.8.19 to 1.8.20.

My forum uses a custom template, In the event page, if i open a public event the delete button doesn't work.

on the delete link i got : javascript:MyBB.deleteEvent(33); (the 33 is the right eid)

But nothing happen if clicked. 

I tried to change to default Mybb template, and that doesn't work too.

Any idea ?
Have you checked in console in there are js issues?
Yes i do :

general.js?ver=1820:118 Uncaught ReferenceError: templates is not defined
   at Object.prompt (general.js?ver=1820:118)
   at Object.deleteEvent (general.js?ver=1820:148)
   at <anonymous>:1:6
prompt @ general.js?ver=1820:118
deleteEvent @ general.js?ver=1820:148
(anonymous) @ VM2830:1

But i don(t know what to do with that one...
if you want to have a look to my headers :
Edit template headerinclude, before this code:
var cookieDomain = "{$mybb->settings['cookiedomain']}";
Add this:
	var templates = {
		modal: '{$jsTemplates['modal']}',
		modal_button: '{$jsTemplates['modal_button']}'

Solved Smile