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Full Version: Need new themes. Only thing that lets MyBB down
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Been using MyBB for nearly a week, i dont like the theme i have and after seaching for days on end there is none. there is the std square theme with red, gold, blye colour changes etc, and one other totally modded (cloud_9) and thats it Sad

Thats the only thing thats letting MyBB down for me, I've used VB 3, IPB, PHPBB and such and there is so many good themes on all of those but not on MyBB Sad how come none of the creators of themes are doing some good ones, i know Gold is been made but RC4 is out now and were running C4 now on our forums.....

If there was a good tut on how to go about making them i would but i have no experience in this kinda stuff so i cant or i would help and make tons and post them for download.

anyways lol rant over.... Bring on the themes Big Grin
Making your themes is easy, but requires your to know a little bit about HTML and CSS though.

But I do have two themes that I have developed, well one but the other is a phpBB then conversion.

I'm just waiting for Gold to come to start playing with the new theme engin. But I may give out the phpBB conversion one tho.

NOTE: The phpBB conversion is a theme from phpBB, not the actuall phpBB theme. I have got rights from the owner of the phpBB theme by the way.
As soon as the GOLD version comes out there with be a few good template designers creating new skins for it, I think most people are waiting for that now to work with.
yeah they say around 2 months for GOLD release
source, im nearly finnished with your custom skin, u can find it in about 2 weeks or so at mybbskins.
Quite frankly, there may not be as many themes made for myBB as compared to the other boards, but I think that the myBB ones are better quality. Just IMO, of course.
You guys should use some DHTML in gold's future skin, to get the same effects as the ones used for moderation in vBulletin, and a WYSIWYG message editor should integrated.
Well I just finished my skinning of my first theme.

Hot Damn!
I just figured out how easy skinning and making themes are.

In that case you can expect a few themes from me.
Especially some of the more high-tech graphical themes Smile
Yeah there should more forum skins..
im makin some, ill keep u people updated when i finish them
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