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Full Version: Can anyone please update the wildcard's Yourcode plugin ?
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This is an amazing and useful plugin but this isn't working properly anymore , showing errors. 

anyone can please update this plugin ?
(2021-06-17, 04:24 PM)PARADOXP Wrote: [ -> ]anyone can please update this plugin ?

Could you help detailing such errors, perhaps?
after uploading the plugin to proper directory
showing this error.

and after installed showing this error .

Find the following:

Replace to:
after did what you said...

successfully installed but in the yourcode settings

showing this error :-
[Image: IMG-20210622-124452.jpg]
The following:

Seems like it should be:
Thank you so much for this much effort and help and support.

Now it works well. Thanks Again.
when trying to install getting this error.

I thought you have already installed it before ?

Remove the following line :
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