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Full Version: [Release] Tango
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by [email protected]

Tango is a simple, sweet design for the myBBoard 1.2.9. It is very easy to customize and it is completly HTML-valid!

First impression

You can customize and publish your version of the theme! In no chase you are able to remove the copyright!


Download: [attachment=7690]

Editable buttons in the format PNG and PSD
XML and image files (requiered for installation!)
Additional files (simlies, icons, attachment icons, codebuttons) (recommend for installation)

Some critism would be realy helpfull, if you find bugs, post them in the thread. I will fix them in future versions of the design.
nice work [email protected] well done
Very nice work. Can't go wrong with good old gloss Smile
Nice work [email protected] I like it. Smile