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Full Version: More "Skinning" Questions
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At my old forum I had the "header/banner" set up with this coding (done by a friend who knew what he was doing)...

<div id="logostrip"><div style="background-color: #8B4513;color:#ffffff;border:1px solid #ff9900;padding:4px;float:right;margin:60px 150px;text-align:center;"><b>Welcome To Dave's Pub,</b><br />
Please Don't Crowd The Bar, Just Get Yourself A Beer,<br />
Some Peanuts, Crisps, Or Pork Scratchings,<br />
And Have A Chat With All Who Is Here</div><div style="text-align:center"><a href='{$this->ipsclass->base_url}'><!--ipb.logo.start--><img src='style_images/<#IMG_DIR#>/logo4.gif' style='vertical-align:top' alt='IPB' border='0' /><!--ipb.logo.end--></a></div></div>

How would I incorporate this into my MyBB forum?

Also, there is a background showing at the old forum...

How can that be added?

Thanks in advance.
Tough one as you would need to add to the Additional.css. Wink

And at the moment the logostrip class is:

	background: #006600;
	border: 1px solid #FF9900;
	height: 180px;
	margin: 0;
	padding: 0;

	background: transparent url(style_images/pub_origin/logo4.gif) no-repeat left;
	height: 68px;
	margin: 0;
	padding: 0;

You would then have to rewrite some of the html in your post. Toungue

For example:

'{$this->ipsclass->base_url}' would become "{$mybb->settings['bburl']}" 

And probably a whole LOT more would need to be changed. Sad
Thanks for replying. Smile

I had a funny feeling that this might not be too easy.
It's also NOT too hard Smile

Do you know who the original author is and a link for his / her email ??

Porting it wouldn't be too hard, but the graphics would all have to be changed if the authors permission can't be obtained to use them.
The images are no problem. I got the background from an old webpage that the owner created backgrounds for free distribution. As for the logo itself, a friend created that with the help of my moderators and I helping by suggesting how we would like it. Smile

When you say "porting it" do you mean by changing the coding completely to be compatible with MyBB, or using/editing the coding above? If it's the latter, that forum (IPB) is going to be removed within a few weeks since it's not being used at all anymore.
I'm talking about the postbit and reply / thread type graphics (Buttons) as well as the gradients. Most of the other stuff is .css.

The dot-grahpics (icons) can always be changed to something different.

You either need to be confident that you have the right to use whatever you want from that IPS theme, or honest enough to admit that you don't. Wink


Using someone else's work from another style to create a similar style of your own.

I don't do look-alikes as they create toooo many problems with plug-ins, but I do kick the hell out out of MyBB. Big Grin

PM Me if you want to pursue some of this a little more private.
Oh,I see what you mean about the buttons etc, the gradients are what a friend created so they're no problem, but as for the rest of the buttons I'll see here at MyBB if there's any green ones that can be used, or I'll ask a friend if she can do some editing on the MyBB buttons, thanks for the headsup. Smile
Audentio, (I think) relesed a whole lot of default buttons in different colours - don't ask me where to find them Big Grin

Who's going to modify the MyBB.theme to create your theme ?
Thanks, I've got the buttons from here, I just need to work a bit on the gradients as in where to put them without changing any other skins. As for adding the text next to the logo, I shall ask a friend if he can have a go at doing that.
If you need any help, don't be too shy to ask. Wink
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