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I have been working on this website since I lost my internet last year.

It has undergone many changes, and many long hours of coding.

The entire website is coded and based around MyBB, I have utilized the MyBB Portal to it's fullest and beyond.

12 months in the making I have transformed MyBB into a full CMS and Product Management System.

I hope to, one day, make this a centralized location for all of my MyBB Plugins and Website Scripts.

Using this website, I can provide full support for all of my MyBB Plugins and Website scripts.

Using this website you get full support via forums, email (coming soon), and Chat (also coming soon).

So check it out! I look forward to seeing you there!

Awesome Big Grin

A new on.gif button would be nice, though.
Nice looking forum. I really like it. The logo rocks. Thanks for sharing!
Looks pretty nice, Ryan.
destroyer Wrote:Awesome Big Grin

A new on.gif button would be nice, though.

As I said, this style is temporary until the new one is finished.

Some of you may notice what the new one is, it is the old style from MyBB Templates.

The site appears to be down, it'll be back soon (hopefully).

My other domains currently work:

Try them all if you want to visit:
Tried every link, none work. Sad
Yeah, we moved our server and we had troubles with one of our DNS servers, so it'll work for some but not all.

Therefor, until the one DNS Server updates some will be able to access and some won't.

I can't even get there right now, which is unfortunate BUT if you can get there, Snake has Super Mod status and can get there, so go ahead and register.
Make sure to let us know when it starts working! Wink
Ok, me and my friend, who helps manage the server, figured it out.

My site didn't get moved during the server move (figures Lol), so we've sent an email and an offline MSN message to him asking him to move it so it should be up (hopefully tomorrow).

I apologize for this, and I did not expect this to happen when I made the site public, but it did and it is getting rectified soon.


Also, I've set up an IRC Chatroom for the website, on the MsgPlus IRC Server.

Simply connect to and join #evox.

Thanks. Smile
Sweet site Ryan.

I am with you MyBB can be so much more versitile if people look at it fully.

I am developing my own site as a complete CMS package based around MyBB as well however i choose not to use the portal page but rather design my own base site to work from.

I have found MyBB so easy to work with in doing this i could see no need to use a portal system outside of MyBB.

Top work on your site

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