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Full Version: Nexuiz Ninjaz - Practicing the Ninja Arts of Nexuiz
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Nexuiz is an open-source (read:free) cross-platform (Windows, OSX, Linux) fast paced First Person Shooter. The Ninjaz are a group of avid players who wish to share their love of the game with other players, new and old. Here players can learn anything from basic movement to advanced hook techniques that will help you shave milliseconds off a flag run.

I have themed this forum myself, matching the index page and gallery to give the site a uniformed look. I have also done an EXTENSIVE amount of work to the vgallery plugin (known as Kyoman). Eventually I will blast this system away and create my own custom plugin as vgallery just doesn't do what it promised. However, it was a starting point. So enough defence, without further ado, I present to you, Nexuiz Ninjaz.

Nexuiz Ninjaz Home
Nexuiz Ninjaz Forum

Will you rise from Genin to Kage?

Plum aweful... Can't hardly see anything. The toplinks are so dark I couldn't barely see them. The logo is dark...

My 2 Cents
Perhaps your gamma is poorly set, you are the first to complain about the colors. I don't appreciate the tone of your comment. From your post history, I can see that you're not usually an such an banana, why the personal attack?
Exactly what "tone" did he have? He posted his opinion of the theme, which is very very dark (and you really can hardly see the top links). In no way was that a "personal attack".

Anyway, my opinion is essentially the same as his. The background is black, which is perfectly fine, but you have used a mixture of dark grey and light grey for everything else, which means there is hardly any contrast.

You should use brighter shades in text / links because people actually need to read them.
I agree with Jaysun. I can hardly read the toplinks as well. Perhaps you should set the color to white. Wink

Jaysun was not making any personal attack, but honestly stating his opinion of your theme, which he does for everyone! Wink
Suggestion noted, what else?

If you hovered over the links, you would have noticed they get brighter, by the way.
Well I am at home now and I apologize for my opinion. You asked and everyone around here knows I will tell you the truth. I don't cut corners or nothing. I don't like it at all.

On my home computer it is still the same dark hard to see colors. I will say on Firefox the toplinks are easier to see.
No need to apologize for your opinion, I just think you went about expressing it in a rather rude way. I put some time into my post, mentioning key features I'm proud of, such as Kyoman and the gallery. With 6 years of web development under my belt, I can tell you this was no easy task.

I didn't mean for #ccc on #000 to hinder your entire perception of my website, though I'd appreciate it if you were able to look past such design preferences and give constructive criticism.
I can see it fine but my monitors are always bright... makes working in UnrealEd (which brightens them some more) a pain.
Quote:though I'd appreciate it if you were able to look past such design preferences
You're forum is only as good as it looks. Toungue Since I can't relate to the subject of the forum, there's really not much I can say on it.
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