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Full Version: Live links can't be seen well here
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Please make an adjustment for better usability on this forum, change the color, add underlining, do something please.
MyBB Home Page - MyBB Home page

They show up fine here. Very distinct to me. Light Blue versus black text
There is not enough contrast or I would not have mentioned it, I was reading another thread and could not even see the live links to be honest.

Not everyone has fantastic eyesight, at near 50 years of age I can tell you this.
I see them very clear as well, although making the underlined wouldn't be a bad idea.
Please do something to improve this, especially since this is a showcase for the forum software.

We never changed a setting and our live links on this MyBB forum look better than they do here.

PS: I can hardly see the live link above, especially after clicking on it.
Some browsers allow you to override the CSS with your own colours. I suggest you take a look at that feature.
I have no problem distinguishing links from text. Maybe you need to adjust your monitor.
A live link, as opposed to a dead one?

I see them as a nice blue colour, what about you?
No, they look almost like the regular part of the post here with little contrast.

Not a very good example for prospective users of the script.

Why can I see the live links better on this forum than I can here ?
why do i see them just the same? O_O
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