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Full Version: [F] phpbb 3 to mybb
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Thank you very much mr.Tikitiki ! i am going to try it later because now i am at a friend.

Now the code is [code:1]** [/code:1] .
And another thing:before conversion my username was chris_b0ss .after it is chris_b0ss_phpbb2_conversion.Why?

Thank you for helping me!
It's because you already have an account named chris_b0ss but they both use different e-mail addresses. It would be bad if we started overwriting accounts with the same username but they're actually two different people.

I'll look into the code problem.

Is everything else working fine?
ok.Thank you very much ! i am sorry i am a pain in the a** ! the first picture i am seeing an unknown category..that uncategorized board.why it was created?

the second and the third is what i tested the second is phpbb 2 and in third is the result(mybb)

phpbb 2

Just so we're clear your running phpBB 2 without any mods or anything like that? I don't remember the bbcode working like that in phpBB 2.

And can I have a link to your original phpBB 2 board?
well. i would give you if i would have ..i tried this conversion on wamp on my pc ..because i don't want to destroy something.
phpbb2 is original,without any mods,converted from smf(the latest version i think) it's better.the errors are smaller.

Thank you Tikitiki for helping me ! I am sorry i was a pain in the a** ! Thank you very much !
now i must go to sleep ..i must think clear tomorow..Smile
thank you!
Ok, I'm not sure whats up with the uncategorized forum, but I fixed the BBcode, this should work:
yes!!! this one works !! thank you soo much Tikitiki !! thank you !!!!!!
This issue has been updated to confirmed bug report in the MyBB Merge System.

It has been moved to the "Bug Reports" forum.
This bug has been fixed in the latest version of the MyBB Merge System.

Please note the latest code is not live on the site or for download. An update for the MyBB Merge System will be released which contains this fix.
Hello All Smile
I have a problem on this merge system .
When i covert my phpbb3 to mybb show me this bug . [attachment=8797]
Why ?

P.S . sorry to my bad english Wink
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