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Have you ever wanted to have a MyBB Forum but you don't want or need web hosting? Don't want to worry about maintaining a server? Want someone to take care of all of the hard stuff for you? Do you want a forum but you don't want to install MyBB from scratch?

Introducing - Free MyBB Forum Hosting With No Ads!

Our service allows you to instantly create your own FREE MyBB forum without ever having to download or install anything!

Our service features:
  • MyBB 1.2.12 Forum Hosting
  • Multiple Themes Pre-Installed
  • Ability to edit themes or create your own!
  • World Class Support
  • Free Backups by request
  • We allow you to use your own Google Ads

Want to sign up for a free forum? Click here!

It says I can't create a board Toungue.
The system should be up, can you please paste the exact error message you are getting into this topic? Does this occur when you make a new forum or when you're in the Admin CP?

I get a Four Oh Four on the create page URL.
Silly me, I put "create.html" for the link instead of the required "create.htm" for the Create link at the bottom of the main page. It should work now. If you get the 404 again press CTRL and F5 to refresh the index page, then the URL should work.

I kept wondering why some people were getting through and others weren't. The links at the top worked but not the one on the main page.

Anyway, now that it works give it a try and let me know what you think.
Compliments to the chef Smile
Nice service. Only suggestion would be to upgrade your own support forum to MYBB. Toungue Big Grin
Haven't tried it, or really looked at your code BMR777, but it's always nice to see another MyBB multi-forum script =P
The more the merrier.

Good work Smile
Yea, props to you. Good script

And, I just noticed, congrats Zinga!
You need a better skin LOL!
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