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Full Version: Beta Screens in Blog? Can we post them other places?
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Just curious, can we post beta blog screenshots on our own forums to let members get a shot of what's coming?

Though they look nice, what do your members benefit from seeing parts of the Admin Control Panel?
i think he is talking about the new blog post
I wouldn't have thought so. Chris will have the final say though.

Either way, linking to the image and not reposting it should be fine.
I personally wouldn't think it's an issue... They've been made available for public view. I'm not claiming them as my own nor am I re-distributing them Smile

The PayPalSucks lawsuit should pretty much put this to rest... Smile

I'm just asking out of courtesy. Because I wont if he doesn't want me too Smile

And I already have 2 links to MyBB on every page of my website. I believe that to be enough Big Grin But we'll see what Chris says Smile
agree with you hemi, since it a public info so there is no problem to qoute it, with referring to the source
Sure, that's fine. Feel free to re-produce or use them anywhere you like.

Can you say, when the MyBB 1.4 FINAL release?

The Beta looks great! Smile
It has been stated before there is no ETA. Will be released when it is completed and there are no issues during the beta testing.
Okay Smile Smile Smile
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