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Full Version: Beta Screens in Blog? Can we post them other places?
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After posting the screens for my Members to see I had 2 inquires about the software. One, was a guy who wants to start a hot rodders forum of sorts, he actually was within a day or 2 of buying VB. After he seen the screens that was pretty much it for him.(Actually just the screen of the post) He already knows it's great software from using it on my forum. Another was a Member wanting to start a home design forum. She should have MyBB up and running this weekend. Smile

This may not be much for bringing in new users, but it is some.

If maybe you (anyone) has a med to large MyBB forum, IMO it serves a great purpose to let your users see these screens. For one, it's exciting to them. They get to peek/see and anticipate new toys so to speak Big Grin For 2, that little mention could help broaden MyBBs user/member base a little bit.
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