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Full Version: HOW TO: Automated database backups (1 line of code + cPanel)
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(2010-04-06, 09:02 AM)KuJoe Wrote: [ -> ]
(2010-04-06, 08:17 AM)tommykent1210 Wrote: [ -> ]Can you make the backupdb.php file run and backup the ENTIRE database not just the mybb tables?
Yes you can.

Anyone want to enlighten me how? My host only allows PHP execution in crons Sad
I believe it's in the wiki. I'm fairly certain that the Admin CP backup feature will backup all tables on the database and not just MyBB ones, I could be wrong since I don't use it anymore but last I checked it had my custom tables in it.
giving these errors

/home/xxxxxx/ line 42: 5G: command not found
/home/xxxxxx/ line 746: mutt: command not found

How to fix them?
Can you post the contents of (without the database connection information of course).
Sorry, wrong place.

This errors occurred in drankur's auto database .sh file.
Oh ok. Good luck then. Smile
/home/xxxxxx/ line 42: 5G: command not found
error fixed.

Do you have any idea on mutt -s function which is giving this error
/home/xxxxxx/ line 746: mutt: command not found

drakur delayed in responding, so asking you for suggestion
(2010-03-08, 10:01 PM)amtrak23 Wrote: [ -> ]Ok, what am I doing wrong here? I'm not getting any emails/error messages. I first thought I had the server time wrong so I set it to run every few minutes to test...still nothing. Username and DB name are the that a prob?

/usr/bin/mysqldump -hlocalhost -umyname_mybb -pxxxxxxxxxx myname_mybb | gzip > /home/myname/dbbackup/mybb.sql.gz

File is named crondb, removed .txt extension. Script is CHMOD to 755, dbbackup folder is CHMOD to 666

Path to script is

Hosting is shared on SharkSpace, with cPanel ver. 11.25.0-RELEASE.
OS Linux, theme x3, MySQL version 5.0.89-community, Apache version 2.2.14, cPanel Pro 1.0 (RC1)

thanks a lot working fine with me ..
Is there any code to automatically remote upload backups to another FTP?
work fine here...

have code to backup specific folder to mail?
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