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Full Version: Discuss: MyBB Merge System 1.0 RC3 Released
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Please discuss MyBB Merge System 1.0 RC3 Released here.

If you are having problems with the upgrade/install, please post it in the MyBB Merge -> General Support forum.
This thread is only to discuss the release itself.
Nice Job Tikitiki.
Thanks Tikitiki.
welldone mate Smile
Cool, this includes vb 3.6
great job tikitiki thx for every rc.
double-you tee ef, I didnt even know PunBB existed Oo (It looks like an ugly rip-off from myBB) Toungue
Great! I have a vbulletin forum I would like to convert to MyBB. Thanks so much! Great job Smile
still no IPB 2.3 wow
Great job tikitiki. Thank you...
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