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Full Version: MyBBDesign v2.0
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me and Paretje currently work on the new MyBBDesign and MyBB-Themes site. The template is mostly finished, but we must code a little bit (Paretje's work... Big Grin ) and fill the subpages with content. But anyway, we hope till mybb 1.4 we can release the complete new site.

So here we go:

I hope you have some suggesstions about the design and the other things. Are there features you miss?

We are realy interessted in you feedback.

Wow steady on mybb will get jealous Wink

cool site Big Grin
Very nice Smile I love the whole design Toungue. There's nothing wrong or bad with it Smile
Looks good, though that is an overused template I'd say. Just mod it up a little more, and it'll look more original.
Overused? i have never seen it before Smile
It's not the same one it's been using, bk2070. >.<
Looks GREAT! And I'm not just saying that. Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin
It is a template from
I have modified it a lot. Smile
Very nice now i can say i have never seen some thing like that :p i can see MyBBoard getting jealous like what said Wink
i see, u brought a template and modified it to fit mybb
Quote:i see, u brought a template and modified it to fit mybb
not realy. for the first time i want to seperate between the site and Maybe I will make it both look eqaul for the future, but i think currently i have enough work with the simple html page and the subpages... Smile
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