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Full Version: Request auto image resizer
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It will be nice if it was made, like the previous MyBB (1.2.x) versions, I remebered a nice plugin to do this. But it is now not working with MyBB 1.4, it will be nice to port it. Thanks
I attempted at porting it to 1.4, but failed.
I need this mod but i can't find this mod for mybb 1.4 .
(2008-08-05, 04:51 PM)squall_leonhart69r Wrote: [ -> ]I attempted at porting it to 1.4, but failed.

The same thing happen with me
i loved this plugin for 1.2.x
would be great to have something similar for 1.4!
yeah. we need it.
images looks like a part of hell when it's shown in the full size :|
who made this plugin???
(2008-08-09, 11:08 AM)Azagthoth Wrote: [ -> ]who made this plugin???

* Plugin name: Image resizer
* Author: Cipher
* Version: 1.0

I cant wait for this to be released for 1.4 This was my favorite plugin.
I have updated my image resizer plugin which dynamically resizes using GD. You have to have your fopen wrapper enabled or be able to use .htaccess. I have added a new setting to overide dynamic processing and resize statically. It is waiting validation atm. Mods, if it isn't allowed to post an offsite plugin, please delete post. Safari and Opera are dodgy and don't always resize. Would appreciate some feedback on how it works elsewere.

URL removed my mtjo until bugs are fixed.
Just installed it. Got some errors at present. But only uploaded plugin and folder inside plugin folder.
I will keep playing and perhaps read the readme better. LOL.

*UPDATE* got rid of errors with new copy in sql folder.
*UPDATE* not having any luck to be honost.
Plugin errors are gone. But plugin seems not to work for me at present.
I did try uploading the .htaccess file also.
Will keep playing.
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