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Full Version: Considering MyBB - can I customize it?
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Hi there,

I am looking for a great PHP-based BB system.
Here's what I'm looking for:
I have a website, fully written & containing user logins.
I want for this BB system to be based on my already-existing users table (MySql).
Is it difficult to rewrite MyBB to use my already-existing users table? Or create some enforced Foreign Key or something that fuses them together?

Many thanks,
It would be difficult to do in my opinion. You would have to learn the MyBB table layout. You'll also need to browse through most of the source to see how each field is fetched and used.

I highly doubt there is a BB system out there that would allow you to do this with ease.
That's the thing. For me, the BB is not the central feature of the website - just one piece of it.
I'd want to integrate it into the website. At least the usernames.

If the MyBB has one table for user records...I can probably do this.
But I'd also probably need the password mechanisms to match - right now I use a Salted SHA-512 algorithm. Can I set the MyBB passwords to be a 512 CHAR field?

Technical, yes I know. But critical to my decision.
Thanks a bunch.
That's a good question for the developers. If I'm right, MyBB has it's own encoder.
The best way to find out is to download it and mess with it.
Now as a big MyBB supporter it's hard for me to do this. But for easy user integration I would recommend FluxBB.Undecided
Hi Netsage,

Thank you for your suggestion - and also your courage. Smile
May I ask why?
I did download and look through MyBB last night. It definitely has a Users table, with password and salt fields, although it looks like an MD5 algorithm and I'm wondering how much reprogramming would be required to switch that to 512-byte SHA-2.
You could probably get by with changing the password check algorithm in inc/functions_user.php. Take a look at the validate_password_by_uid function.
(2008-08-29, 07:31 PM)jasonwisdom Wrote: [ -> ]I'm wondering how much reprogramming would be required to switch that to 512-byte SHA-2.

If you're proficient enough in PHP, and you understand myBB's structures, then reprogramming isn't that hard. I haven't tried the SHA-2 method, but I changed the algorithm to match an Intranet one I made...

I've been an Invision customer for years, and I decided to use myBB because of it's customization. It's easy to integrate into a website too, which was important for me. My website is a social-networked, text-based, online roleplaying game, and I've easily managed to extend and integrate myBB both into the game itself and vice versa.

If you're willing to figure things out in the code, then practically anything can be done with myBB.

I wrote my own from scratch, but the time it'd take, to rewrite all features....I figured I'll just d/l one of these & refit it to my own needs.

I like the look 'n feel of myBB, although I don't need (or want) all of the features - user control panel for example.
I'm away from my coding computer at the moment - myBB is just pure vanilla PHP, no Zend or Cake or anything?
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