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I know its a little late but still 3 days to spare. So here goes I saw a few threads saying there were no halloween themes. So here you go.

I just meshed orange14 and black14. But I made both so no bigee.

Only things I didn't do were. Buttons originally made by ffw. And on off icons made by iconspedia. And the backrounds provided by google images. I did the rest.

Change or modify whatever you want. Just don't redistribute it or remove copyright. If you must redistribute it then say modified by "your name" under my copyright theme desined by... br modifeid by ...

[release] halloween14 theme 2 versions. One dark and one light.

halloween14 theme v1.4.2

By: tomdickandharry

Details / Summary:
Based off default. Buttons originally made by FFW of course.

Installation Instructions:
1) Upload the included image folder to your ./images directory
2) Import included theme XML into your Admin CP > Templates & Style > Import a Theme.
3) Switch to the new theme via your User Control Panel!
4) Enjoy the new look of your forum. Smile
Pretty ugly and really hard to read ...
I think it is pretty cool but some of it is hard to read like where the stats are.
Maybe new background then? Or orange tables and Black bar?
Hey for a holiday theme it's not too bad. Looks fun.
Ok, but which version? The dark or the orange in my link?
The bat bars is what is messing with my eyes the most.
OK, I fixed that. But what version the orange or the dark looks best?
Nice! It beats what I was making!
OK, but which version? The dark or the orange?
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