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Full Version: [Tutorial] Adding gender and other things to the postbit
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wonder full explained, thanks man
One of the best and most valuable tutorials. Very easy - even I was able to do it. Thank you so much.
Nice tutorial!

I have a question: do you know how to add a square at these postbit things?

Like this:
[Image: next_gen_postbit_legacy_view_525.jpg]
that's vbulletin mate (:
if you mean the signs, you need to do the same as with profile fields.

would there be the ability to show this:

if !isset(valuex)
great tut! thx!
The image is not being shown with this method.
Everything works fine just the image wont show up Sad

When I checked the source of the displayed page i saw the link to the image is not coming there just the selected button description thats all
Edit : After working and doing some R & D its working now Smile
is there a reason why it wont work if the files are names female.gif and male.gif? I'm just curious..not that renaming them is a big deal.
Just had to say this was a lifesaver! Thanks for the tut Smile
I followed your directions carefully and could NOT understand why the images would not appear. Finally after 20+ mins I worked it out.

You need to make the same changes to Templates/Post Bit Templates/postbit_classic for members using the classic thread option mode to see! Which can be selected in User CP/Edit options/Thread View Options.

Please edit/add this to first post and save others the time of working it out. Wink
I've been trying to make this work with a "Favorite Team" field I've created in the profile, but it's not working. I want them to be able to select one of 32 logos, and it'll show up beneath their username.
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