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Full Version: [Tutorial] Adding gender and other things to the postbit
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Thank you Smile Really helped.

Just wish there was an easy way to add new language strings via ACP... or search the existing ones. (wanted to add "location:" to the location)
Thanks for this tutorial. It's exactly what I was looking for!
How would I add an alt="male", alt="female" tag?
I know this is an old thread but the instructions worked for me and it's awesome. It doesn't however work in the pm message profile. Any ideas where this resides in the pm template?
Thanks Smile
Hi everyone, sorry to resurrect another old post, but i am trying to add a custom profile field to the postbit. The field is called "Institutional Affiliation" - I would like it to appear on posts just under the username, where the User Title usually is.

I found the location in the postbit template where I removed {$post['usertitle']} and added {$post['fidX']}

But when I try to replace the X with the custom profile field, it just won't work. Does anyone know just how the names should be rendered? Should it be {$post['fidInstitutional Affiliation']} or {$post['fidInstitutional_Affiliation']}
or {$post['fidInstitutionalAffiliation']}? I tried all three, but none worked.

I also tried using the custom field number. I have five fields under Custom Profile Fields. I have "location" as #1, and if I use {$post['fid1']}, the location appears correctly. But no matter what number I assign to Institutional Affiliation (making sure that it does not have the same number as any of the other 4 custom profile fields), I just can't get it to appear at all. E.g., if I make it #3, and then enter {$post['fid3']}, nothing shows up. There is just an empty line under the username.

Anyone have any idea what I'm doing wrong? 

(Using MyBB 1.8.6)
Make sure you replace X with the ID number of the custom profile field

on the postbit templates, {$post['fid1']} should display location of the user, {$post['fid3']} should show gender of user
they are visible only if user added them at the user control panel profile options

custom profile fields
Thanks! So 1-3 are already assigned by default? I tried giving it other numbers (e.g.) 10, but still no luck. I created a user to test it on which does have that custom field filled in, so not sure why it isn't displaying when I use the right number.

Does the number have to be assigned to the custom field *before* anyone enters their information? Or can you change the numbers afterwards?

If it's not that, I can't see why it won't display.
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